Armée du Bangladesh

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Henri K.
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Re: Armée du Bangladesh

Message par Henri K. » 13 février 2018, 20:16

Actualités militaires de la Chine :
* Site de East Pendulum
* Page Facebook
* Chaîne Youtube

Raqib (رقيب)
Raqib (رقيب)
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Re: Armée du Bangladesh

Message par malikos » 18 mai 2018, 08:25

SHOCKING! Bangladesh Air Force NOT Buying Mig-35!!

Bangladesh Air Force not buying Mig-35! It is a shocking, though, not surprising as Russia demanded unnatural prices. Firstly Moscow offered Bangladesh their Su-30SME the new variant of the Su-30 family. Then they asked for a price that is usually very high from others they got.

After that BAF opt for Su-35 and again, Russia played its price card and asked BAF to buy their Mig-35 along with it. If Bangladesh don’t buy Mig-35 then Russia said they’ll not sell Su-35 to Dhaka. Under this circumstance, MRCA program stalled. After long negotiation process Bangladesh opt out Russian jets and seeking a single-engine multirole fighter jet from somewhere else


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